Prof Edward (Ted) Mah Portfolio

Prof Mah is the founding Head of Department of Orthopaedics and Trauma at Lyell McEwin Hospital (LHMS). He is also the founding Head of Hand & Upper Limb Service at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (TQEH) during the time when LMH and TQEH was combined to become the Western Adelaide Local Health Network in late 1990s. During the transforming health reform in 2014, Modbury Hospital replaced TQEH and combined with LMHS to become NALHN.

By then Prof Mah had completed 17 years of service at TQEH as Head of Upper Limb Service but continued to provide services to the Modbury and Lyell McEwin Hospitals, for altogether over 25 years!

Professor Mah has shown a longstanding and selfless commitment to patients, communities and colleagues alike. He has played an instrumental role in the development and expansion of a number of local, state-based, national and international initiatives which have contributed to improving the standard-of-care and outcomes for a wide-reaching cross section of patients – including those in positions of disadvantage.

Prof Mah set up specialist training programs in hand, elbow and shoulder for Orthopaedic surgeons from Australia and abroad who needed further training to come to work under Prof Mah’s supervision before returning to their respective countries to serve their population in need of such services. 

Professor Edward (Ted) Mah

Prof Mah’s  ‘above and beyond’ efforts and achievements have been recognised through a large number of awards, prizes and key leadership appointments. His contributions to the medical subfields of Orthopaedic Surgery and Public Health span decades and show high level successes